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Summer Eating – 5 Tips to Keep Cool and Energised

The warmth of summer can be either invigorating or draining. We have to take care not to overheat during this season. The good news is that we can choose foods that are cooling and nourishing to keep us in balance during this bountiful time.

Wake early in the morning and take nourishment from the morning sun.

A bowl of summer fruit salad alongside a glass jar of yoghurt, on a table

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Spiced poached quince recipe

A quince tree is a beautiful addition to a garden or orchard. It has a delicate open flower during spring and produces large golden fruit that ripen between March and May. Unlike its close relatives — pears and apples — most quince varieties cannot be eaten raw. The quince has very firm dry flesh and tends to be more sour than sweet! The cooking process for poached quince tenderises the flesh and increases the sweetness of the fruit.

Spring Blossom

Ripe fruit for poached quince recipe

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Preserving fruit – bottling pears

In my second year of preserving fruit I shared my journey from beginner to feeling competent! Being organised in the kitchen is so important. This  includes the order of tasks and setting up your workspace — after all you are managing a processing line. I now save hours in time each season and made a lot less mess.

500g fruit makes ½ litre, or 1kg for a litre

Home grown pears bottled in 10 preserving jars

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