_MGL3873 CHIT CHAT VERTICALHi I’m Sallyanne Pisk accredited practising dietitian and mindfulness practitioner. I combine a mindfulness approach with sound and practical nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Over the past twenty years I have enjoyed working in various fields of nutrition, research and management in Australia and New Zealand. These experiences led me to writing my first book and developing a series of nutrition and lifestyle programs.

My Eating for You Blog offers information, tips and strategies on how to make food and lifestyle choices that will improve your health and wellbeing.

“I am passionate about sharing my nutrition and health knowledge in a way that allows you to make mindful choices, to move from where you are today to where you want to be.”

Eating for You

  1. Is about nourishment, not nutrients.
  2. Focusses on habits, not just food.
  3. Offers a lifelong eating solution, not a diet plan.
  4. Encourages intuitive eating, not following someone else’s rules.
  5. Supports mindful choices, not lists of good and bad foods.
  6. Cultivates self-compassion, rather than  judgement.
  7. Builds confidence and removes the fear.

“Find out what nourishes you!”

Eating for You logo

The choice of a branch design in my website header reflects my approach, which is grounded in science and branches into Eastern nutrition and lifestyle.

The four seasons of the cherry tree are depicted to reassure us that continual change is a part of nature. But we are not necessarily the best embracers of change when it comes to food habits. Mindfulness is a technique that can assist us in letting go of old habits and establishing new choices that we will benefit from.

Seasonal change is formally recognised in Eastern medicine as a time to adjust what we eat.

The cherry is a fruit that I look forward to each summer. It’s delicious. I am sure my love of cherries is linked to the fact that they are only available for a short time, making them special. It is one food that we can truly eat in season.

Sallyanne’s interests

My other passions include sharing time with my family and friends, growing and eating home grown food, trekking, cross country ski touring and training my horse, Chit Chat, the natural way.