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Salads have many nutritious virtues

Salads may have nutritious virtues, but they also are packed with colour and flavour. They have evolved from very humble and salty beginnings into a wide variety of dishes that be offered as a side or whole meal.

Salads also span the globe across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Whilst ideally a summer dish, a warm salad is ideal for cooler spring and autumn days.

Salads can be taken on a picnic to the beach or enjoyed anywhere

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Transforming Eating Habits – Where do I start?

You have come to realise that you have a number of eating habits that you’d love to change. And you know this because the way you eat is affecting your physical health, your energy levels, and your mood. Your doctor might have even given you good reasons to change, “your cholesterol is too high or you are pre-diabetic”.

Transforming eating habits requires us to start somewhere. But where?

Woman eating a large icecream

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Home Health Retreat in Seven Steps

A home health retreat experience can be created to suit your timeframe and budget. All you have to do is decide how long you would like the retreat to last and what you would like to do during the retreat.

As you are setting up your own retreat, you will need to prepare ahead. A well-planned retreat will allow you to feel like you are truly having a break.

My home health retreat checklist will help you set up and enjoy your retreat.

Feet up resting in the garden during a home health retreat

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