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Summer Eating – 5 Tips to Keep Cool and Energised

The warmth of summer can be either invigorating or draining. We have to take care not to overheat during this season. The good news is that we can choose foods that are cooling and nourishing to keep us in balance during this bountiful time.

Wake early in the morning and take nourishment from the morning sun.

A bowl of summer fruit salad alongside a glass jar of yoghurt, on a table

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On Eating Meat Book Review

Matthew Evans in his book, “On Eating Meat”, reveals the realities of intensive commercial food production in Australia. Farming practices in other countries are also referred to.

Whilst many facts are presented in the 24 chapters, Matthew also shares his own journey with food—as a person who enjoys eating, a chef, and farmer. The way he shares his journey encourages the reader to examine his or her own relationship with food (not just meat).

Front cover of Matthew Evan's book On Eating Meat

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