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Traditional homemade wholegrain porridge

Breakfast is the meal that I most look forward to. After all, it is the meal that breaks our fast. My staple breakfast is rolled mixed grains, which I most often make into spiced porridge. With careful planning it can be made the traditional way with whole grains on your stove. It doesn’t have to disturb your morning routine.

Cooked and served - turmeric, cinnamon and sultana porridge topped with sliced fresh peach

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The Sweet & Tart of Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb is in-season

I have chosen Rhubarb as our in-season vegetable this week. Rhubarb is usually eaten as a fruit, being a popular ingredient for desserts, cakes and jam. It is a perennial, living for up to 15 years,  that is native to Siberia. There are both red and green stalk varieties of rhubarb. The stalks are the edible part of the plant. The leaves are poisonous. Whilst I usually eat rhubarb stewed, I do have a favourite rhubarb cake recipe to share with you.

Fresh picked rhubarb alongside home made rhubarb cake served with natural yoghurt

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