Why Do I Overeat?

In my daily conversations with women there is often a frustration around their overeating habit.

So often I will hear, “I know I am not hungry, so why do I overeat?”

There are many reasons why we eat more than we need to satisfy our physical hunger.

So there are numerous answers to the question, “Why do I overeat?”

Overeating often includes eating past the experience of enjoyment or pleasure, which makes it even more frustrating.

The top eating drivers that I have found in my 30 years of experience working in nutrition and health are:

  1. Overriding physical hunger and satiety signals, with or without awareness of these.
  2. Eating for pleasure.
  3. Eating to soothe stress, and other other emotions.
  4. Comfort eating.
  5. Eating to overcome boredom.

Now you might be looking at this list thinking,

“These are all relevant to me!”

And it is definitely possible to have several different drivers or reasons for eating.

The quickest way to stop the procrastination and overwhelm is to just choose one thing.

I appreciate that it might be difficult to choose that one habit,

So if you feel stuck and would like to know the best place to start for you, and transform this habit for good, then perhaps it is time to have a call with me.

The Foundations Mindful Eating call is 45 minutes. And it is free.


In our time together we focus on your main habit, your goals for healthier eating and we put a plan together.

It will be something that is personalised to your eating habit and lifestyle.

I will also share our 8 week program if I believe it will be a good fit for you.

You are welcome to join our wait list for a call

Find your real answer to “Why do I overeat?” and most importantly learn how to stop this habit for good x