Reading Your Fuel Gauge

Wouldn’t it be great if our fuel gauge was like the one in a car?

“Easy to read.”

Learning to interpret your level of hunger and fullness is key to transforming your eating habits.

As I write, I am mindful that hunger and fullness are sensitive topics.

You may have experienced hunger at some point in your life.

  • Perhaps food wasn’t a priority in your family, or you felt like you had to fight for it in a large household.
  • Maybe at times food was not appealing and you chose to go without.
  • Restricting food to reduce body weight also leads to massive hunger pangs.
  • Perhaps you have never experienced physical hunger, as food has always been plentiful and enjoyable. This is not uncommon either.


Our ability to recognise our level of fullness generally occurs when we have “eaten too much.”

I recall a number of physically uncomfortable Christmas dinners where we were encouraged to overeat, so we could taste everything that was on offer.


Like a car, we do not need our fuel gauge to be on full all of the time.

We definitely don’t want to be near empty either, as this usually leads to a rapid intake of food and the physical experience of over-fullness.

Somewhere around ½ way is beneficial to feel satisfied but neither hungry or full.

And just before meal times our gauge will drop below ½ and we will sense a drive to eat.

After meals our gauge returns to ½ and we feel satisfied.


If reading your hunger and fullness levels is of interest to you, and you feel that you my assistance would be of benefit,

Then you are most welcome to book in for a free 45 minute call to talk about your eating habit, your goals and I will provide you with a plan that will help you to more confidently tune into your levels of hunger and fullness.

If appropriate I will also discuss our 8 weeks Foundations Mindful Eating program, which focuses on renewing your relationship with food without a diet, so you can enjoy food and stop emotional and non-hunger eating for good.

You may reserve your spot on the waitlist here.

Tuning into hunger and fullness is a skill that everyone can learn, and it will transform your relationship with food.

I look forward to talking with you soon x

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