Is Hunger Driving Your Appetite?

I am excited to be writing about one of my favourite topics and answering the question, “Is hunger driving your appetite?”

Why, because knowing the answer to this question allows you to take control of your eating.

When it comes to the question,

“Is hunger driving your appetite?”

There are three possible answers, yes, no and I am not sure.

Today I am going to explore, “I am not sure.”

Now if you can relate to this, you are not alone.

We really aren’t taught to tune into our physical hunger and satiety signals.


As I have shared before, by the age of 10 I had learned to overeat.

Through no fault of my parents I had been encouraged to eat everything on my plate.

Did I have a say about how much was on my plate?


Sound familiar?


The concept of tuning into physical appetite and satiety is part of the Eating for You approach.

Many of the ladies who join our online programs have never considered how to connect with and trust their own appetite and satiety signals.

And for most, it takes a bit of practice and guidance to interpret the signals, but they all say it is well worth the effort.

The first step is noticing what drives you to eat – why do you find yourself in the kitchen looking for food?

The most common feedback I receive from the ladies is:

  1. I can now tell the difference between hunger and eating for other reasons.
  2. I am no longer fearful of being hungry.
  3. I can now choose to eat or not eat when I am not hungry.
  4. I can put aside my meal, ½ a piece of cake or the remainder of the chocolate when I feel satiated.
  5. I now feel in control of my eating.

All of these ladies started where you are today.

Frustrated and disappointed with themselves, food and everyone else because they had tried so hard to restrict food and get on top of their eating habits, without lasting success.


If you would like to stop feeling this way, then you are most welcome to join me in a free 45 minute call.

In the Foundations Mindful Eating call we focus on your main eating habit and your goals for eating and your health.

We will put a personalised plan together for you, and if appropriate I will share with you how the Foundations Mindful Eating program will help you move away from your old eating habit, towards a way of eating that nourishes you.

The 8 week program helps you to renew your relationship with food without a diet, so you can enjoy food and stop emotional and non-hunger eating for good.

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