Transforming Eating Habits – Where do I start?

You have come to realise that you have a number of eating habits that you’d love to change. And you know this because the way you eat is affecting your physical health, your energy levels, and your mood.

Your doctor might have even given you good reasons to change, “your cholesterol is too high or you are pre-diabetic”. You can’t face another diet, because they never deliver on the promised results.

Sound familiar?

Transforming eating habits requires us to start somewhere. But where?

Eating potato crisps lying on the sofa

5 tips for transforming eating habits

#1 Start where you are

Because we are all different, get as much information about your health from your healthcare practitioners.

This information is your starting point.

Be compassionate with yourself.

Accept where you are, but commit to walking the path to greater health and vitality.

Transforming eating habits successfully means focussing on our individual requirements.

#2 All or one

Be honest with yourself.

Are you good at making lots of changes all at once? or

Are you better to choose one thing at a time?

Our personalities and lifestyles are all different, so this really is a choice that only you can make.

I am a great advocate of “one step at a time”.

But you have to be committed to the path.

#3 Focus on the right thing

When we want to lose weight, for example, it can be so tempting to watch the scales, count calories (kilojoules) and skip meals.

But if you have been on, or are on the weight rollercoaster ride, then focussing on eating and lifestyle choices that nurture you are crucially important.

By nurturing you, you can step off the rollercoaster.

As I have mentioned previously, why and how we eat, are equally important as what we eat.

Activity for you to complete

Write a list of the eating and lifestyle changes that will support you, and choose one thing.

#4 How is your self-talk?

We have to watch our internal voices, “What are they telling you?”

Are they supporting you, belittling you or setting you up to stray from your new path?

Getting your self-talk onside is essential.

For example, do you say

“I can” or “I can’t”

“I will start now” or “I will start tomorrow”

“I should” or “I could”

Transforming eating habits is not just about food. Our whole belief structure has to change.

#5 Stay strong to you

Not only do you have to be concerned about your own inner self-talk, take care of what others are saying to you too.

Family and friends can be supportive by offering advice or suggesting the latest fad diet. All of this can seem helpful. But will it really help you?

People close to us can also, knowingly or unknowingly, lead us off our path.

“One piece won’t hurt”

“You can take a day off from walking, it won’t matter”

Sound familiar?

The answer is to trust yourself, and stay strong to your path.

A simple way to manage the advice from others is to simply say, “Thank you. I appreciate your support, but I need to do it this way”.

Getting started is often the most difficult part of our journey because we try to do too much, or we focus on the wrong thing.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present and learning what works for you. And most importantly it teaches us to be patient without ourselves and others.

If you’d like to transform your eating habits, start now with a free Emotional Eating Profile Call.

In the call we delve into your eating habits so I can get you started with one personalised tip that you can action immediately.

I offer the calls for free as I know that you have tried multiple diets and programs, and you are looking for something that works.



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