Mindful Eating Works

I have been receiving lots of questions about mindful eating, so I am sharing 10 ways mindful eating works.

Mindful eating includes being present with a purpose when making food choices and  observing your choices in a non-judgemental way.

This means that we observe why we are choosing to eat, such as, I am eating because I am hungry or I am eating because I am bored.

If you are eating because you are bored, then you might inquire, is there something else I can do?

Pausing to consider why you are eating is important.

Research suggests that it is this practice of pausing that allows us to dismantle habits that no longer serve us.

10 Ways MIndful Eating Works

Mindful eating has been practised in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. And it has been researched in Western science for the past few decades.

Research suggests that mindful eating helps to:

1) Reduce overeating related to stress and other emotions

The practice of mindful eating encourages you to assess your reasons and motivations for eating. Eating for You calls these drivers for eating.

By checking in with your drivers before eating, you create space in your mind to choose whether to eat or not.

2) Select an appropriate portion size

When you eat mindfully you become more aware of the quantity of food that you are eating.

You also learn how different portion sizes impact on physical hunger, satiety and fullness.

3) Support digestion

Research is discovering many connections between the mind and gut.

Practicing mindful eating may support healthy digestion by better matching types and quantities of food with your current hunger level.

Eastern medicine, for the past 2000+ years, has acknowledged and treated the gut as the controller of mental and physical health.

4) Lower blood sugar levels for people with Type 2 Diabetes 

Mindful eating assists the management of Type 2 Diabetes through the choice of foods and also the quantities of food eaten.

5) Ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a complex condition. Mindful eating assists some people with this condition through the choice of portion size, and potentially by supporting a more relaxed and focussed state of being whilst eating.

6) Achieve and maintain a healthy self image and body weight

A healthy self image develops with self compassion and patience.

You may also come to realise that a healthy body weight is different to the ‘number’ you have in your mind, or is on the scales.

The focus of mindful eating is not to change your body weight. It may be a consequence of you eating in a mindful way.

7) Reduce overeating and binge eating

Mindful eating helps to reduce overeating and binge eating by increasing the enjoyment of food and reducing the struggle with the choice of portion size. Also, there are no forbidden foods.

8) Promote focus 

Mindful eating encourages us to “just eat” without distraction. No TV, no reading and no scanning the internet.

And while we eat, we can choose to observe the colours, aromas, tastes and textures of our food.

9) Build confidence in choosing the best way of eating for you

Because mindful eating doesn’t come with set rules about when, what and how to eat it means you can really eat in a way that suits you.

You develop trust in listening to your hunger level and what types of food you feel like eating.

It removes the judgement of “good” and “bad” and “right” and “wrong”.

10) Make eating an experience

Mindful eating connects you with the colours, aromas, tastes and textures of food.

It often creates a new interest in food, and encourages the exploration of new flavours and cuisines.

Because you are fully present and aware when you eat, you notice the food and how your mind and body respond.


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