How to be Happy in Your Body

A personal question today.

“How happy or comfortable are you in your body?”

Now this might be something that you think about all day long, or you may not even give it a thought at all.

So, “Are you happy in your body?

I’m asking this question today, because when I am talking with ladies about their eating for health goals,

I often hear,

“I am just not comfortable in my body.”

“I am the heaviest I have ever been.”

“I don’t look in the mirror any more.”

Perhaps, you think or say these things too?


And I know that many of the solutions out there focus on “lose x kg and have the body that you want”.

These types of solutions generally focus on some type of diet plan and, or exercise program.
Am I right?

And as you already know these solutions don’t last.


By taking the focus off your weight and how you look, the Eating for You approach teaches you how to nourish yourself,

Through your thoughts and food choices.

The mindfulness approach simplifies your goal of being comfortable in your body by changing one thought at a time.

After all, our choices start in our mind, not the food cupboard.


As one of my clients, Simone, not her real name, shared:

“When I first started with Sallyanne I was self conscious about my body.

I didn’t really want to look in the mirror.

Now I am focussed on my health and feeling well.

I realise that I don’t need to be worried about my weight, as eating mindfully allows my weight to adjust naturally.

I am also much more patient with myself, and I enjoy my food.”

Being happy in your body is about taking care of you.

It isn’t about strict diets or punishing exercise programs.

It is listening to your mind and body and finding out what nourishes you.

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