Setting eating for health goals that work

Health goals that work may seem like a mystery to you at the moment. But this doesn’t mean that you are not capable of transforming your experience of eating and health. These three tips will get you started with setting health goals that work.

#1 Focus on the right thing

My first tip is actually a question!

Are you focussing on the right thing?

Now if you are wanting to change the way that you eat, you have probably been focusing on food.

This might have been a diet.

Am I right?

The Eating for You approach actually gets you to focus on something else, your habits and drivers or reasons for eating.

This is important because you can change the food in your pantry and refrigerator, but this doesn’t change your habits.

Beth, an administration executive, had a really good understanding of what healthy eating was but didn’t always eat in a way to support her health,

and she was worried about recent weight gain.

 By completing our Foundations Course, she realised that she needed to focus on her boredom eating habit.

 Food wasn’t Beth’s issue. She learnt that eating when she wasn’t hungry was the real issue.

#2 Choose one small step

One of the biggest reasons why goal setting doesn’t work is we try to do too many things at once!

Recently I was discussing goal setting with a group of ladies who are part of our membership program and I asked them,

How would you feel if you visited a healthcare practitioner and they advised you to:

 Stop eating snacks

Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day

Eat 5 or more serves of vegetables every day

Reduce drinking wine to 2 days a week

Swap white cereal foods with whole grain alternatives.”

 The responses I received included:


 “Not sure where to start.”

 “Like, I am not going to even start because it is too hard.”

Now, I have an admission to make here.

Like many healthcare practitioners, I was not taught how to support my clients with the long-term transformation of their eating habits.

I graduated as an expert in health, nutrition and lifestyle.

But after 25 plus years of experience working in health and living mindfully, I know that a list like the one above does not work.


#3 Re-learn what works for you

I know that you may feel, “I should know what to eat.”

But I encourage you to ask for help to find what works for you.

Many of the ladies that I work with unfortunately feel ashamed that they haven’t had the willpower to follow a healthy diet.

Now these are their words, not mine.

I see it this way.

At a young age, before we can remember, we hand the control of our food to someone else, our parents or caregiver.

Now as infants and children we need support with this essential task.

At some stage in your teens or early adult years you may have started dieting.

Restrictive diets are what I call “following someone else’s rules” that probably won’t work for you.

It is quite possible you do not know how to eat for you, or even what your natural healthy body weight is for you.

If you would like to reclaim your natural ability to eat in a way that suits you, then ask for help.

I understand that you may never had learnt to tune into what your mind and body need.

If this sounds like you, then join me in an eating habit profile call.

It is a free 15 minute online call that focusses on your biggest barrier to changing the way that you eat.

You will leave the call with one personalised and actionable tip to implement straight away,

and an understanding of how the Eating for You approach can support you to change your eating habits for good.

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