How to Move on from Eating Groundhog Day

So many of the ladies I talk with feel like they are stuck in their eating habits. It is like eating groundhog day, every day. Maybe you experience this too?


In my conversations with ladies, this is what I hear:

“ I wake up in the morning with good intentions to stick to my diet.

Really – just not snack or eat any junk food.

Then by the afternoon I have blown it.

Whether it is chocolates, cake, muffins, chips or ice-cream.

I have eaten the foods I said I wouldn’t.”

“It just doesn’t make sense.

I know that I am not hungry but I still eat.

I really want to take control of my eating, and not spend so much time worrying about what to eat.

I want to feel better, lighter and have more energy.

But how do I stop my snacking?”

Snacking in the afternoon or evening can occur for many different reasons.

And really it has nothing to do with food.

This is why “what you eat” is only one quarter of the puzzle.

You also have to consider why, how and when you eat 🙂

If you are ready to move on from eating groundhog day once and for all, then perhaps you would like to join me in a free call and get my help to put a plan in place.

In the 45 minute Foundations Mindful Eating Call I will help you tap into the main reason that you snack, and we will put a plan together.

If appropriate we will discuss how the Foundations Mindful Eating program will help you put a stop to your non-hunger eating habits once and for all.

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