Why can’t I think clearly?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Why can’t I think clearly?” Perhaps you have so many thoughts that you can’t keep up with them, or perhaps you don’t seem to have any ideas at all. Would you like to know how to think clearly?

Lady sitting at her desk resting her head on her hand, thinking

How to think clearly

#1 Rest

Rest and sleep are essential for having a fresh and clear mind. Working long hours and skipping sleep to be more productive at work and in life is a MYTH.

Our mind needs sleep to replenish. Read about the current recommendations for sleep and also my tips on quality sleep.

#2 Move

Our body was designed to move. If you have a job or hobby that requires a lot of, or mostly, sitting, then build movement breaks into your day. You might set your timer or alarm at 45 minute intervals to remind yourself to take a short walk and have a stretch. Sitting still for too long can make our mind foggy and dull. Regular movement might just be what you need to think clearly.

#3 Pause

Our mind loves to create thoughts, but when it is overwhelmed or vacant we need to pause. Literally say to yourself “Okay I need a break” and then take it. A break might be going for a walk, taking 10 deep breaths or moving from the current task that you are having difficulty with, to a new one. Often switching to a new task and completing it frees the mind to then refocus on the one that you previously struggled with. You might like to try my other suggestions to pause.

#4 Be mindful

Mindfulness, as we have previously discussed, gives us the permission to focus on one thing in the current moment without judgement. I like to suggest that you add interest and curiosity to the practice so you can really observe your thoughts or activities with renewed energy and purpose. To think clearly we need to train our minds to focus on one thing. Being able to focus on several ideas and tasks at one time is a MYTH.

# 5 Replenish

We need to feed out body and mind well to think clearly—this requires eating mindfully and ensuring that our hydration (water levels) is maintained. Take care of your nutrition, just as you would provide the right fuel for a sports car or racehorse. To perform at you peak you need the best food and way of eating for you. Choose what you feel like eating, respond to your natural appetite signals and eat mindfully—when you eat, only eat.

Give yourself every opportunity to think clearly. It is not something you can force, rather it is something you achieve though looking after yourself. Remember to rest, move, pause, be mindful and replenish. If you would like more information on how to support your health and wellbeing, then take a  look at the Eating for You book.

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