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3 Perimenopausal Challenges to Overcome

“What is happening to my mind and body?” This is a question that I found myself asking when I first noticed perimenopausal symptoms.

It was like the “how to do guide” that I had developed over the past 47 years was no longer of any use. My body was changing and my mind was working differently too.

I decided to view these changes as challenges that could be overcome, just like reaching a mountain pass in Nepal.Sallyanne hanging prayer flags on the seventh pass on the Dolpo trek, Toze La

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Perimenopause has 3 gifts on offer

The experience of perimenopause varies as women are all different. In this post, I share what has worked for me, as well as research on the topic. The gifts of menopause offer a pathway for you to follow.

At an annual check-up with my GP, he was intrigued when I told him “menopause is an interesting journey”. He immediately asked, “How is this?” And then asked whether I ever felt angry, depressed or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, he mostly hears the stories of women experiencing severe symptoms of menopause, which are thought to affect about 20% of women. I will outline the challenges of perimenopause in part 2 of this series.

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