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Mindful Eating and Living Program

Our Mindful Eating and Living Program is offered on a  monthly and annual membership basis.

Each month has a different project focussing on changing your eating habits. The projects come with online videos and a downloadable workbook.

As the program suggests, the projects not only address food and eating habits but explore practical ways to make lifestyle choices that support you too. The way we eat is related to our sleep, exercise, and our relationship with ourselves and others.

Whilst you are a member, you retain access to all of the online resources.

Become part of a community of women seeking a lifelong solution to their eating habits and enjoyment of food.

This program offers you weekly support for as long as you want, with online, live and recorded group catch-up calls.

$97 per month or $997 annual

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Foundations Mindful Eating

If you are ready to change your eating habits and become more confident in choosing how much to eat, then our Foundations course provides the steps that you need.

In this 6 week comprehensive online course, Sallyanne shares her favourite Eating for You training, including the 5 Common Eating Patterns, 9 Drivers for Eating, and Make Your 24 Hours Count; after all, a lack of time is often one of our biggest barriers to change.

She shows you how to connect with your habits and most importantly how to replace these with mindful choices. The course focuses on the when, why, and how of eating allowing you to tune into all of your reasons for eating.

You will have lifetime access to all of the training materials.

This course not only changes how you eat, but it also shows you how to heal your relationship with food.

For a limited time, the course includes

  • The Know Your Appetite Course
  • 6 weeks of small group online coaching, 
  • 3 months membership to the Mindful Eating and Living Program.

$1,997 or payment plan option $2,397.

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Know Your Appetite Course

One of the most common obstacles between how you eat today and how you would like to eat, is knowing your appetite, and how to tune into hunger and satiety signals.

This short course focuses purely on showing you how to know the difference between appetite and hunger. Sallyanne shares one of her most popular tools in this Course that will be a lifelong guide to help you make mindful eating choices.

The course is very practical so that you get to put the teachings into practice. It is recommended that you complete the course over a two to four-week timeframe, but the practices will last forever.

You will have lifelong access to all of the training materials.

This course guides you to notice the difference between hunger and eating for other reasons, and choose to eat or not eat, depending on your level of hunger.

For a limited time, the course includes  2 months membership to the Mindful Eating and Living Program.

The special launch price of $197 or payment plan option $227. Usual price $297.

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