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Foundations Mindful Eating

If you are ready to change your eating habits and become more confidence in choosing how much to eat, then our Foundations course provides the steps that you need.

In this 6 week comprehensive online course, Sallyanne shares her favourite Eating for You trainings, including the 5 Common Eating Patterns, 9 Drivers for Eating and Make Your 24 Hours Count; after all a lack of time is often one of our biggest barriers to change.

She shows you how to connect with your habits and most importantly how to replace these with mindful choices. The course focuses on the when, why and how of eating allowing you to tune into all of your reasons for eating.

This course not only changes how you eat, it shows you how to heal your relationship with food.

RRP $997. Launch price of $497.

For a limited time, the course includes 6 weeks of small group online coaching.

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