Take Your Weight Off Your Mind

As I have celebrated in earlier posts, we are all unique. We are not meant to look the same regardless of what the current fashion or fitness trends promote.

I embrace the Ayurveda approach to help our understanding of body and mind. It offers an alternative explanation to why some people are unhealthy and unhappy when they appear underweight, whilst others have this experience when they are carrying extra weight.

What you think about your body weight may have a large impact on your ability to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Take your weight off your mind and focus on what makes you feel vibrant and alive.

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Take your weight off your mind: Is your weight a body or mind issue?

Healthy weight range

#1 Your weight is within the healthy range for your height and age (as per health recommendations) Yes/No

#2 Your weight is within your optimal range for your health and fitness (this is based on your personal experience as an adult) Yes/No

# 3 Do you have any health conditions that improve by having a healthy body weight, such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and arthritis?

#4 Do you feel that your health would improve if you lost or gained weight? Yes/No

It is important to remember that not everyone fits into the recommended weight range. These recommendations are a guide only. You can carry more or less weight than is recommended and still experience good health.

This is where our food and other lifestyle choices become important. By changing how we eat, sleep, move and breathe we can improve our health and happiness. We may or may not lose weight, but still receive great benefit. Eating for You promotes a total lifestyle approach.

Weight and happiness

#5 Do you feel that your happiness would improve if you lost or gained weight? Yes/No

#6 Do you believe that you would be happier if your body shape and size changed? Yes/No

#7 Do you feel guilty if you gain weight? Yes/No

#8 Do you measure your self-worth on how you look? Yes/No

Taking care of yourself and presenting the best version of you to the world are worthwhile goals. However, measuring your total self-worth on what you eat and your body weight is limiting your potential. Our minds can become obsessed with any number of things, so if body weight has become a focus for you, then the first thing to do is to recognise this.

It is easy for us to become removed from our drivers and motivations once our choices become habits. Habits occur without conscious reflection and choice. Mindful eating allows us to reconnect with these drivers and motivations, and assess whether they are supporting or detracting from our health and happiness.

Mindfulness encourages us to keep our purpose at the forefront of our mind and to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion. My book, Eating for You will help you to take your weight off your mind, and find lasting solutions for your health and happiness.

In next week’s post, I will explain the importance of our self-talk, the voices inside us, which build or destroy our self-worth, health, and happiness. This post will also question whether there is a separation between our body and mind at all.

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