My Ingredients for a Happy New Year

Happy New Year. This is part one of a three part series on setting your direction for the New Year. If your vision for the year is still a little foggy, that’s okay. A mindfulness approach will allow you to gain greater clarity about what is important for you. It brings all the essential ingredients together with perfect order and timing.

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Essential ingredients for a happy new year

Before I set my goals for the New Year, I reflect on my past year’s successes and lessons.

#1 Knowledge what you are grateful for

Take some time to reflect on the past 12 months and list what you are grateful for. This helps you to connect with what is important to you, and will bring happiness into your new year.

Consider all parts of your life, because everything impacts on your health and wellbeing—family, friends, pets, where you live, your health and access to medical care, and a safe and nutritious food supply.

#2 How did you fair with your goals for last year?

Celebrate the goals that you achieved. Being able to acknowledge your successes will bring confidence into the New Year.

If you did not pursue last year’s resolutions or other goals, consider the reasons why. Perhaps the goals you set were not relevant as the year progressed, or they were unrealistic.

Understanding the reasons why you abandoned your goals is important, so you can modify your expectations for the coming year. I struggled with one of my New Years resolutions, which was to de-clutter my cupboards.

I wasn’t specific enough with my goal, and three months into the year I stopped scheduling in a cupboard space to sort.

#3 What lessons did you learn last year?

Your lessons may be related to your New Years resolutions or other experiences that you had during the year.

Lessons cover the full spectrum—mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. As an example, you may have learned that unless you plan your meals and/ or shopping for the week, you cannot prepare home cooked meals.

Or you may have realised that you need to pause after an upset, otherwise your emotions drive what and how you eat.

One of my lessons was a reminder that ‘time for me’ is essential. My horse-training time needs to be scheduled into my diary.

#4 Things to keep

What new choices did you make last year that will benefit you in the New Year? Perhaps you started walking with a friend on a Saturday morning, or taking a home-made lunch to work. These types of choices may very well benefit you this year too.

What lessons or skills did you learn that support your health and wellbeing, such as pausing before you eat to gauge whether you really are hungry?

The production of my online courses required a team of experts.

I was reminded of the importance of calling on specialist advice and support. You may benefit from specialist advice to meet your health and lifestyle goals.

Eating for You offers personalised guidance on eating and living mindfully, allowing you to set and achieve your specific goals with clarity, confidence and purpose.

If you would like to find out more, book in for an Eating Habit Profile.

#5 Things to let go of

These are habits of thought, speech and action.

  • Do you believe that you can introduce a new way of eating and enjoy the benefit?
  • What patterns of speech do you have that either support or detract from enjoying better health and more energy?
  • What types of choices do you make? Are they automatic (habits) or mindful choices (require reflection and assessment)?

In the New Year I will be leaving deadlines behind. This doesn’t mean I won’t attach timeframes to my goals and tasks, but I won’t be attached to the deadline.

Often unexpected events occur and we need to speed up or slow down. Being mindful of this prevents unnecessary stress, and allows us to pursue our goal with a new timeframe.

The next post in this series shares my simple steps for creating your vision for a happy new year.

And during the week, I would love to hear about your New Years Resolutions.

Wishing you a very happy new year.

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