My 5 Top Tips for the Weekend

The weekend is fast approaching. For some of us it time for a short break, for others it is business (or work) as usual. Regardless, take some time for you over Saturday and Sunday. Here are my 5 top tips.

Couple with a dog walking along a beach at sunset

My 5 Top Tips for the Weekend

#1 Have an extra nap

Sleep is vital for the optimal functioning of our mind and body. The weekend is a great time to have an afternoon nap, or if you are working, perhaps an early night is in order to catch up on sleep.

#2 Enjoy coloured summer fruit

In Australia the summer fruits are delicious and there are so many different types. Many varieties, such as cherries, have such a short season, so enjoy them while you can. Enjoy 2 serves of fruit a day. If you have a local farmers market or a garden where you can pick your own, such as berries, then enjoying your fruit becomes a special outing as well.

#3 Eat a meal outdoors

Pack a picnic or plan a BBQ with family and friends. A romantic picnic might be preferable—put together a selection of salads and cold meats, or lentil burgers of falafel, with some fresh crusty wholegrain bread. Simple, but delicious.

#4 Take a walk at sunrise or sunset

A beach walk at sunrise or sunset is a great experience. You see nature waking, or preparing for rest. You also get to see a magnificent display of colours. If you are not near a beach, walk to your local park or garden.

#5 Say thank you

Being grateful for what we have is a sure way to lift our spirits and inspire us. Take time to list everything you are thankful for. Perhaps this weekend you are thankful to have two days of rest. Alternatively you may be thankful to have work and income. Let your family and friends know that you are thankful to have them in your life too. This adds to everyones happiness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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