Eating Habit Profile—what is it exactly?

The Eating for You Eating Habit Profile provides an action plan that supports you to  change eating habits that are holding you back—from eating in a way that supports your personal health and wellbeing.

Choosing between an apple and a donut - how will your eating habits guide you

Eating Habit Profile

The Eating Habit Profile is a joint project between you and I, that results in the creation of an action plan that shows you how to get

from where you are today, for example, mindless snacking, to where you want to be, and that might include pausing before you eat to decide whether you need to eat or do something else.

Sound interesting?

What you get out of the Eating Habit Profile

During the call, we talk about your eating habits, and I may ask a few more questions to help you connect with your biggest barrier to changing the way that you eat.

Together, we then put together an action plan to help you overcome your biggest challenge.

Please do not feel concerned or embarrassed talking about your habits. In 28 years of professional experience, I have heard many stories about struggles with food.

I have also experienced my own challenges over the years too—irritable bowel, fluctuating body weight, and changes in my health requirements.

These challenges led to me creating Eating for You, which is founded on the practice of mindfulness, encouraging a kind and non-judgemental approach to eating.

Preparing for the call

As part of the booking process I ask you to answer 5 key questions that will help you to get the most value from the call.

These questions encourage you to reflect on the eating habits that you would like to change, for example:

  • Stress and emotional eating.
  • Mindless snacking.
  • Not making time to eat healthier meals.
  • Negative self-talk about yourself and food.
  • Knowing what to eat and not eating it.

Once you are booked in, there is nothing else to do other than join me in the call!

Do you have 5 to 10 minutes spare to book in now?

The Eating Habit Profile cost

The Eating Habit Profile is valued at $147, but I offer it for free.


There are a few reasons why I do this.

I know that you have most likely tried multiple diets and programs without lasting success, and this is frustrating and often debilitating physically and emotionally.


You might be setting your very first eating for health goal.

In either situation, you are wanting an approach that works.

By offering you the Eating Habit Profile for free, you get to see how the Eating for You approach works.

I get to show you that I can help you, by actually helping you.

I will only suggest that we work together if I truly believe that we are a good fit, and that you will benefit from the investment of your time, energy and money.

You choose.

You may take your plan and implement it by yourself, and as long as you get value from the Eating Habit Profile, I am happy for you to take the valuable resources and to go it alone.

Or you may choose to work with me and have my guidance and support to help you achieve a way of eating that really suits you.

How does that sound?

If you are interested in changing your eating habits then I encourage you to book in for an Eating Habit Profile today.

Accessing the Eating Habit Profile

Book in for an Eating Habit Profile, here. It is an online call that takes 30 minutes.

I like to conduct the calls via an application called Zoom, and I provide all of the details about that. If Zoom is not an option I telephone you!

There is a catch though

The Eating Habit Profile is only suitable if you are:

  1. Committed to changing your eating habits.
  2. Ready to step away from diets and restrictive rules.
  3. Willing to focus on eating habit rather than food.

The Eating Habit Profile is not suitable if you have an eating disorder, as this is best supported by a team approach.

If the Eating Habit Profile is something that you can benefit from, then book in now.

Due to the intense one on one time required to create your personal action plan, I can only work with 20 people at a time.

To book your Eating Habit Profile,


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