Eating for You Launch

It has been a busy and exciting week with Eating for You being launched in the Blue Mountains, at Petalura Eatery in Mount Victoria. We shared an afternoon with family and friends to celebrate Eating for You. We enjoyed flavoursome foods based on fruit and vegetable ingredients.

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I am thankful to my longtime friend and colleague, Carmel Curlewis for launching Eating for You. She provided an overview of my career in nutrition and health, and highlights from the book.

Sallyanne Pisk and Carmel Curlewis with Eating for You

Eating for You Launch Blue Mountains

Snippets from Carmel Curlewis’ presentation

“Eating For You is a resource, and the reader will experience choice, control and mindfulness in eating. Eating for You is a resource for readers that allows them to eat to satisfaction, and how good do you feel after eating the food that we have had today?”

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“After spending 5 years in the Central West, Sallyanne moved to Wollongong into diabetes management and research. We stayed in touch but our lives moved in different spheres. Sallyanne moved to Dunedin in New Zealand and completed her masters in diabetes, and worked in child and woman’s health management. When she moved back to Australia she worked with the Golden Door Health Retreat and then a group of integrative medical centres.”

Tasty and nutritious book launch food

“Sallyanne has been gifted a time in her career, that is not common for most of us, for reflective and deep thinking. Often we are on the treadmill of just getting work done everyday. So she has been able to think very deeply about the relationships that we have with food on so many levels. Her natural intrigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, along with her worldwide travels, has deepened her understanding of the Eastern form of eating, the disciplines and the philosophies. She stands in good stead to integrate these practices with Western nutrition. She has come to understand her own self through this process, and is well positioned to write a book such as Eating for You.”

Non alcoholic drinks to celebrate any special occasion

“Eating for You offers the reader the ability to change their lifestyle, which is not an easy thing to do. It offers the reader choice and control, something that we all struggle for in today’s busy world. And Eating for You offers a resource for our busy lifestyles in the modern world, by linking us to the ancient essence of mindful eating. I am very proud to be part of Sallyanne’s development professionally and personally. I feel especially privileged to launch her first book Eating for You. The book is now launched and I will hand over to Sallyanne.”

Highlights from Sallyanne’s talk

I took the opportunity to acknowledge everyone who has been involved in writing and launching Eating for You. I also shared my reasons for writing Eating for You, and my connection with Eastern approaches to nutrition and health.

Sallyanne presenting at the book launch

“Now, why did I write Eating for You? Well when I was going through this seemingly endless process I did say “why am I doing this?” It was to bring my knowledge and experience—that I have been so thankful to have in my career, working in diverse places with wonderful people—together in the one place. At first, my note taking was may be for a program. It wasn’t until about 2008 that I knew it would definitely be a book, and that whole process started, with a few interruptions along the way.”

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“When I started this book I knew that people were confused about food, I knew that they were dabbling in different types of health— a little bit of this and a little of that—and not necessarily integrating it in a way that would have the most benefit. The other aspect, that Carmel mentioned, was that people do struggle with change and trying to put them in a position that they can be more mindful, more aware of how their lifestyle choices are affecting them and whether they are getting benefit, and that’s what Eating for You is about.”

Eating for You blends Eastern and Western approaches to nutrition

“The other thing that I love about Eastern medicine is the connection with the environment. Their philosophy is that we are the same as the environment; so therefore as much as possible we eat local food that is grown in that environment, as it is more suitable for us. Then there is the seasonal cycle, with changes in the food supply. With these cycles, also acknowledging that we change as well. What works now might not work in a few months time. Or if we change where we live. I know from living in so many different places that this is true. What I ate in Dunedin was different to what I had near Byron Bay. The food supply was different, the climate was different.”

You are what you eat

“The last thing I’d like to say about the connection with Eastern methods is the research coming out about our gut. For centuries Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practitioners have been saying that all health and wellness stems from the gut. It is so exciting for me to see, as a scientist, that there is scientific evidence coming out now about how the health of our gut impacts on our physical health, our mood and immunity. It is just so exciting and I think; where is it going to go next?”

Sallyanne signing copies of Eating For You

“So my aim overall with this book, Eating for You, and the online programs (coming soon), is to really help people work out what works for them. And to encourage people to try different things, and to reflect. So with that, I would like to again thank you for being a part of this. Thank you so much. Please continue to enjoy the food, and eat mindfully.”

Eating for You Launch Sydney

Eating for You will be launched in Sydney in early 2016. I will post the date as soon as the event has been confirmed. I will also be conducting book talks in 2016, and will post these on the website.

Thank you for everyone’s support

Eating for You would not exist without family, friends, clients and colleagues. We all have stories about food and eating—we learn from each other.

Thank you to:

  • Carmel Curlewis for launching Eating for You
  • For everyone attending and celebrating the Eating for You launch
  • Vanessa and Pete for providing the space and wonderful food at Petalura Eatery
  • My husband, Dennis, for his support and for the gift of time to reflect and write
  • Laurel Cohn, my writing mentor and editor
  • Colleagues who reviewed my manuscript—Wendy Davidson, Dr Jeff Jankelson, Elizabeth Greenwood
  • Family, friends and colleagues who were at hand to help
  • Natalie Martin, for her intuitive creation of the front cover and internal diagrams, and Eating for You logo
  • Rita Fox for website, book and launch photos
  • Henry Hughman for website design and support
  • Busybird Publishers for transforming my manuscript into a book
  • Inscope Books and Ligare Book Printers

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