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Simple tips to reduce food related waste

8% of the greenhouse gases produced internationally come from food waste. This is why reducing waste is so important. It also means that if we stopped wasting food there would be enough food to feed everyone.

Governments and industry groups need to make it a priority, and so do we. I’d love you to add your ideas to my  tips to reduce food related waste.

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Don’t Waste it, Compost it

It might surprise you to learn that food waste and garden clippings contribute to global warming. When they end up in landfill they produce methane gas, which is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. One council survey showed that around 33% of our household waste is food, including peelings, and 10% is vegetation from the garden. Turning waste into compost is a win-win solution. Composting benefits our air and soil, which means it is also good for us too.

Empty garden pots in piles on a rustic outdoor chair

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