Three Great Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

For some, Australia Day marks the end of the holiday season. This provides even more reason to savour the day. To me it is a day to appreciate the unique contribution each of us makes to our country. I encourage you to celebrate Australia Day in a way that has meaning for you.

Celebrate Australia day outdoors on the beach, in the mountains, along a river or trekking through nature

Favourite ways to celebrate Australia Day

1) Connect and Reconnect

Some Australians will have work commitments today, whilst others will be free to relax the entire day. Work need not stop the celebrations though—morning tea or lunch is a good way to pause, and share the occasion with your work friends. And I am sure that your clients and customers will enjoy the opportunity to celebrate Australia Day with you too. If your family or close friends are interstate or overseas, then it might be the time to catch up over the internet or telephone. Alternatively, you may need a day for you—a quiet day. It is important to take time to nurture ourselves, so if you feel like you need some time out, then do it. Australia Day is a day to connect and reconnect, and appreciate ourselves and others.

2) Enjoy summer foods

Late January is the time for the widest range of fresh in-season fruits. We can enjoy tropical fruits from the Northern states, and berries and stone fruits from several regions—peaches, nectarines and plums. I couldn’t image an Australian Day without a vibrant fruit platter. The warmer weather is ideal for colourful salads teamed with (of course) the BBQ seafood, meat or vegetarian burger. An outdoor meal is favoured on a sunny, dry day and across Australia we have many beautiful natural locations to enjoy—mountains, rivers and beaches.

3) Spend time outdoors

A family favourite for us was a cricket match, but other team sports such as volleyball, soccer and tennis are popular too. A beach or bush walk might be your choice, or perhaps a row along the river. Yes, we are the lucky country in having so many choices. If you are not close by a large piece of nature, then seek out your local park or perhaps your back yard.

Wherever you are today, I wish you a healthy and happy Australia Day.

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