What gifts will you take into the New Year?

With another year coming to a close, many of us are asking, “Where did that year go?” How did it go so quickly?

Some of us will be feeling quite satisfied about how the year progressed; we feel fulfilled. We may also have experienced pain and trauma, so the year has been difficult. Perhaps we feel disappointed that we didn’t tick all of the goals we set during the year.

So the closure of a year can come with mixed feelings. But all of these feelings are gifts in themselves.

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The gift of success

Yes, celebrate the things that you worked hard for, the things that went smoothly and the things that brought you happiness. Take some time to understand how these achievements came about.

What did you do support your achievement?

  • Were you patient?
  • Did you ask for help?
  • Did you make choices mindfully?
  • Did you follow a plan?

The gift of pain, struggles and challenges

The things that caused upset or trauma are also a gift.

They allow us to first of ask, “Is there anything that I could have done to avoid this?”

Whilst confronting, it is a very valuable learning experience. Pain also allows us to experience how it feels for other people when something goes wrong and when something hurts.

All of us may experience it in a different way, but we can have greater empathy for those who experience suffering.

Is there anything that caused you pain during the year that you have learned from?

Are there any lessons that you are still learning?

How did you overcome your challenges? Or perhaps it is time to ask for help?

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The gifts of procrastination and distraction

The frustration of not being able to tick all of the boxes for the year, what can that tells us?

What gift does that give?

When we have a list of things to do, we always have to check that it is realistic.

When the things on our list, which require extra time from us, what are we going to give up to create that time?

Perhaps we had the time but chose not to complete our goals because other worthwhile opportunities came along.

May be the things on the list became redundant and were overtaken by things that became of a higher priority.

Perhaps we procrastinated or we were distracted.

I encourage you to make time to reflect daily, so you can enjoy health and happiness in the year ahead.

I encourage you to make time to reflect daily, so you can enjoy health and happiness in the year ahead.

Were you blocked by fear?

I know in my year there a couple of things that I didn’t do because of fear.

Fear is a protective mechanism that is within all of us.

It has a purpose but sometimes when fear stops us from doing something that is going to help us achieve a great goal or purpose, then we have to look at fear more closely.

Perhaps there is a fear of stepping forward, a fear of the unknown.

A fear of being successful.

It is not until we accept that we are being blocked by fear that we can have the courage to continue with the fear anyway.

And that is what I will do in the New Year.

Making a green leaf salad with tomatoes

To take your gifts from one year into the next, I encourage you to embrace the power of achievement, to generate the courage to explore your pain and commit to understanding procrastination and distraction.

Is it fear? Or is it laziness?

The gifts from these reflections, if practiced regularly and not just at the end of year or quarter, show you that much of the knowledge and wisdom that you need is within you.

I encourage you to make time to reflect daily, so you can enjoy health and happiness in the year ahead.

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