50 Things I Love about Being 50

I have reached this milestone, of being 50, in the same year as many of my friends. I am certainly not alone in this achievement. I share my list of what I love about being 50 because I know that there are many negative stereotypes associated with aging. I believe that we can embrace any age with grace and gratitude.

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What I love about being 50

There is no right or wrong way to feel at any age. But I am a great believer in taking time to reflect on what I have learned, and what I am grateful for. This simple practice helps to put our experiences of life into perspective. So now I will share the 50 things that I love about being 50. They are not listed in any particular order, but what came to mind when I started to write.

I am grateful for my

  1. Parents, for allowing me to be me.
  2. Soulmate, for his acceptance and generosity.
  3. Family, for the sharing and learning.
  4. Friends, for everything.
  5. Animal friends, for everything.
  6. Teachers, for the things I didn’t want to hear.
  7. Country of birth, Australia.
  8. Formal education.
  9. Personal learning.
  10. Health.
  11. Home, for its peace and tranquillity.
  12. Gifts, for what I was born with and what life has presented.

“Gratitude allows us to feel wealthy every day.”

I enjoy the simple things in life

  1. Nourishing food that suits me.
  2. Sleep.
  3. My daily routine for replenishment.
  4. Meeting new people.
  5. Experiencing new cultures.
  6. Friendship.
  7. My work as a healthcare practitioner and teacher.
  8. My journey.

“ The simplicity of life is refreshing and so easily attained.”

I take care of my mindset

  1. I am comfortable knowing that my view of life will most likely change.
  2. I have no need to rush unless I am running to save my life.
  3. My favourite motto is ‘one step at a time’.
  4. I stand by my values without dismantling others’ values.
  5. Personal and community rights come with responsibilities.
  6. It is okay to stop and just breathe.
  7. I listen to my intuition as well as logic.
  8. I am excited about the future.

“What I think is far more powerful than what others think.”

I acknowledge my personal achievements

  1. I know, accept and love myself—this continues to evolve.
  2. I only feel as old as I choose to.
  3. I wear the clothes that I am comfortable in.
  4. I now accept that my hair is naturally messy—why should I tame it?
  5. Who I am, is so much more important than how I look.
  6. I challenge myself when I am in my comfort zone.
  7. I can readily say sorry when I am wrong.
  8. If something isn’t working, I change.
  9. I can say “no”.
  10. I don’t have all of the answers, but I know I can find them.
  11. I am happy to ask for help.
  12. I am a better listener now.

“Life is my personal journey that I sometimes share with others.”

My insights about life

  1. I know that everything passes, the good and the bad.
  2. I learn from everyone—young and old.
  3. I learn from nature—watching animals, trees and the change of seasons.
  4. I am responsible for my reactions and actions.
  5. My experience of life begins and ends in my own mind.

“Life is all about learning to embrace and let go.”

My goals

  1. To maintain compassion for myself and others.
  2. To trust my instinct to guide me.
  3. To commit to eating and lifestyle choices that suit me.
  4. To remain open to what I can learn and how I can help others.
  5. To live well and actively into my 100s.

“No matter the length of my life, I aim to live and die well.”

My list contains the immediate things that came to mind when I sat down to write. I haven’t always felt this way. In an upcoming post, I will share some of the “aha” moments in my life that helped me to heal myself and my relationships with others and be confident in the direction I had chosen for my life.

Each one of us, who reaches 50, or any age, have different things to appreciate and celebrate. I believe it is important to embrace our individuality, as well as appreciate our connection with others. Writing a list is a simple exercise that allows us to do this.

“No matter your current age, write down the things that you love about being you.”

No matter your current age, write down the things that you love about being you. Our lists reflect how we see ourselves at this point in time, so they will evolve as we do.

I hope you have enjoyed the 50 things that I love about being 50.

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