Mindful Eating Spring Program | Eating For You

Don't be tempted by another diet this spring, have your efforts rewarded ...

This is a limited offer with a special launch price.

Want to change your eating habits, without the frustration and disappointment of not being rewarded for your efforts.

I invite you to join me and a group of like-minded women in our online

Mindful Eating Spring Program, so you can focus on

the right thing and change your eating habits for good.


Victoria, Australia 

The Eating for You approach is unique. It has made me realise that I need to listen to my body. The past year I have been battling with trying to eat perfectly according to what the "experts" and media have said. And it has been doing my head in, so to speak. The course has made more mindful of my hunger and appetite. I am slowly learning to eat according to my hunger rather than just eat because the clock says so.

Why our Mindful Eating Spring Program?

  • Participate in live and recorded group catch up calls via Zoom, so you can directly access my support and gain inspiration from other women in the course. 
  • Decrease your worry and stress about eating, by learning short mindfulness practices. 
  • You need more time and energy to focus on your health? Discover the simple practice that I use and so do all of my clients to relax and replenish. 
  • Use my straightforward tools to connect with your eating habits in a compassionate and constructive way.
  • Discover the emotional, stress and boredom eating habits that hold you back, and how they can be transformed.
  • Understand how pausing actually creates more time in your day and makes it easier to change when, what, and how you eat.
  • Use the Eating for You planning tools to create space in your day and week for taking care of you.
  • Connect with your experience of physical hunger, satiety and fullness to build confidence in choosing an amount of food to suit your level of hunger.
  • Apply the Eating for You hunger scale to assess your hunger in a more consistent way.
  • Practice tuning into appetite so you can determine whether your drive to eat is related to physical hunger or something else.
  • Use one of my most popular tools to pause before you eat and assess whether eating is the best choice for you now.
  • Learn which foods and lifestyle choices best support a natural hunger-satiety cycle so your hunger and satiety signals become more reliable and predictable.
  • Access my 101 things to do instead of eating when you really aren't hungry but feel like eating.
  • Use the Project Workbooks to explore different eating habits, and identify how you can improve your way of eating, one step at a time.
  • Select the eating habit that you would like to change and start transforming it during the course.
  • Join and participate in the Eating for You Community private Facebook Group of likeminded women—ask questions, post your observations and receive daily mindful eating and living tips and reminders to support your new way of eating.

What's included in the Program?

  • Mindful Health Project and downloadable workbook, valued $297
  • The Tuning into Hunger Project and downloadable workbook, valued $297
  • The Emotional Eating Habits Project and downloadable workbook, $297
  • Each project includes educational videos 
  • 6 live and recorded online small group catch up calls, valued $1,200
  • You can email your question if you are unable to make the call
  • Access to the private Eating for You Community Facebook Page
  • During the program you have access to all of the online course resources
  • Total Value $2,091


(or two payments of $149) 

I am offering the Spring Program at a heavily discounted price for a limited time,

as I know the COVID pandemic is impacting on everyone's health and finances.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your health and wellbeing and I want as many

women as possible to get started with a new way of eating that is nourishing and lasts.

But, is mindful eating for me?

Your answer is yes if:

  • You have tried multiple diets and programs already, and rather than a quick fix that doesn't last, you now want lifelong solution.
  • Eating for health is a priority but you struggle setting aside time, or are not sure where to start.
  • You have a reasonable understanding of healthy eating, but are not confident in how to make it work for you, or filter the ever changing information about food, nutrition and health.
  • You don't know how much to eat, because you have lost connection with your natural hunger and satiety signals.
  • Your eating habits include eating for non-hunger reasons such as, emotional support, stress and boredom.
  • You are prepared to focus on the experience of eating and transforming your habits, rather than measure your success on the scales.

There is a catch though

The Mindful Eating Spring Program is only suitable if you are:       

  1. Committed to changing your eating habits.
  2. Ready to step away from diets and restrictive rules.
  3. Willing to focus on eating habits rather than food.

Discover How to Transform Stubborn Eating Habits Without a Diet

I invite you to discover how to improve your way of eating.


One of the biggest barriers to changing the way that you eat is focussing on the wrong thing, food!

Food choices are important, but in our Spring Program you will learn why habits are key.


Restrictive diets have encouraged us to be critical and judgemental of ourselves and food.

It is not your fault that you eat the way that you do and being kind to yourself supports lasting change.


Following diets and other people's rules has reduced our trust in knowing our own mind and body.

Learn how mindful eating can increase your confidence in yourself and your food choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the course take?

The time requirement varies from week to week, from 30 to 60 minutes. Your project workbooks provide a guide on how to complete the project in 4 weeks.

How are the live catch up calls conducted?

The calls are held via Zoom. Only I appear on video! The calls are recorded so if you are unable to join a call, you may watch the recording at a convenient time.

What happens if I have a question and I can't make the call or I want to keep it private?

Questions can be emailed to me prior to the catch up calls. Just ask me not to disclose your name.

Will mindful eating help me to lose weight?

As an accredited healthcare professional in Australia I am not permitted to share the weight loss results or any changes to health conditions for our course participants. The scientific research indicates that mindful eating does lead to weight loss. Like all approaches though, you need to practice eating mindfully to achieve the benefits for your mind-body health.


Offenburg, Germany 

During the course I became more mindful of when was the best time for me to eat. I changed my eating timetable. I found out that I wasn't hungry in the morning so I usually eat now at midday. I have a light evening meal before 8pm. I am also eating more vegetables and less sweets, if I choose to eat chocolate, I do it more mindfully. 


Adelaide, Australia 

I have become more mindful of what goes into my mouth. I've realised to put myself first I need to stop and put my needs first to become healthier and more balanced mentally, and emotionally. And to not feel guilty in doing this. I eat slower now and enjoy what Im eating, instead of eating in a hurry, or basically eating on the run. 

I recommend this course to others, especially if they are looking at wanting to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle and are not sure where or how to start the journey. I feel a lot of women are so busy, that we don't look after ourselves, as we are always doing for others. This course shows you how to put yourself first.

Improve your eating today for $247

(or two payments of $149).