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Ready to transform your eating habits and embrace a new mindful way of eating with Sallyanne's support?

So you will be confident in choosing how to eat, have more energy and most importantly enjoy food.

From the Desk of Sallyanne Pisk

Little Hartley, New South Wales

Hello valued member of the Eating for You community

If you would like to know with certainty how to transform the way you eat for good,

Then This is Going to be the Most Important Course 

for you this Year, and possibly this Decade.

But before I tell you about it, I want to be very clear...

This is going to require work on your part,

During and after the six weeks that we share together completing the course,

But if you watch the videos, complete the activities and join in (or submit a weekly question to) the live catch up calls,

You will gain the confidence and courage to replace your eating habits with mindful choices.

And do you want to know the real benefit?

Your new way of eating will become your new way of living.

If you would like to skip the detail, then please scroll to the bottom and read my summary!

Here is what I mean by that

I will be sharing with you during the six weeks of the course, and face to face with online catch ups,

Something that transformed the way that I eat, and how I teach and support others to heal their relationship with food (and themselves).

A way of eating that has

  • No "diet" Element
  • No rules
  • No "good" or "bad"El
  • No right or wrongEl
  • No guiltEl
  • No stressEl
  • No set regimeEl

All thanks to the Eating for You approach that I have developed in my 25 plus years of experience.


I am not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter) who completes this course is going to transform their habits.

Unfortunately, it is also likely that many who complete this course will do little or nothing...

... with all of the information, practices, insights and support provided

(especially if they don't watch the videos, and complete the activities—which in total takes about 15 to 20 minutes a day).

As an individual, your ultimate success will always lie in your hands.

Disclaimer: This course is not for people wanting a quick fix, a standard one size fits all approach or those wanting to avoid the discomfort of connecting with their habits. The course is also not suitable for people recovering from eating disorders, as a team approach is best.

I Developed This Course For You

Someone who will take action and make the most of our six weeks together...

So, if you are interesting in embracing the power of mindful eating for your health and your life...

...and are wanting to find out what our six weeks together will look like...

It is time to give yourself permission to change and let go of...

...what doesn't work (diets, strict rules or a haphazard approach) and back yourself to try something new that does work.

It is also time to promise yourself that you won't be like those who...

...do little or nothing with what I am about to give you during the course.

But rather make this opportunity your turning point in your relationship with food.

So, with that understood, let me tell you about...

Exactly What You Are Getting in the Foundations Mindful Eating Course

This exclusive learning opportunity will be different from anything else that you have done before...


You will be spending quality time with me over six weeks...

Focussing on what you need to do to create space, connect with, observe and transform your eating habits with simple daily practices.

Along with learning how to tell the difference between eating for hunger or some other reason.

This course is hands on, so you put into practice everything that you learn...

So you can build a solid foundation mindfully.

At this point I also need to make it clear that this course is not a "done for you" eating and lifestyle plan.

It requires you to reflect, and act on your number one eating habit that you want to change.

But I will be there to support your every step.

During the six weeks you will gain access to all of my mindful eating resources.

  • Educational videos Element
  • Downloadable journals and workbooks
  • Action sheetsEl
  • ChecklistsEl
  • Reflection exercisesEl
  • Mindfulness practicesEl
  • Practical tipsl
  • Video recordings of the live catch up callsl

I decided to include all of these resources so you have a full toolkit to support you at the end of the course (with lifetime access to all of the online resources too).

Having experienced the most focussed approach to changing your eating habits during the six weeks...

...you will gain a new perspective on eating and know the steps required to tackle one habit at a time.

A proven approach that removes the frustration, stress, guilt and worry about how to change the way that you eat, and gets you to a new way of eating mindfully (with patience and kindness).

New to Mindful Eating or Have Experience

This course is only available to 20 women, so you get the support that you need during our online catch ups and when you post questions in our private Eating for You Community Facebook group.

The course introduces you to practical mindfulness and mindful eating activities and builds your confidence in using these...

By making time for the activities everyday.

And just while we are on the topic of time—the first module has activities to set you up for success by allocating time to complete the course lessons and activities  each day or over a few days a week.

100% Supported

Yes, the Foundations course provides you with the steps to follow and you not only get access to my support, you can share with other women on a similar journey to yourself.

Does that sound helpful?

You are provided with the steps to take, you just have to take them.

Or as my online yoga teacher says, "You just have to show up and practice."

These steps that I am talking about, are not like diet rules.

Rather the Foundations course gives you the tools to navigate your habits, including when, why, how and what you eat.

Woman holding a red apple in her hands

Because this is a "completed with you" experience

These six weeks will be very different to other online courses that you have done.

It will be combination of learning and doing, and I have made it six weeks for a reason...

...to make sure that there is enough time to cover the content we need to cover.

Plus, to give you enough time to start building your foundation for a new way of eating...

...focussing on the one major habit you choose to change.

Time is of the essence, so the very first module gets you to review your 24 hours to reduce time spent on non-essential things and...

...make time to complete the course and start practising mindful eating.

Module one also explains why Eating for You is founded on the practice of mindfulness, what mindfulness is and how mindful eating works.

Becoming mindful of your time is the first step though.

Unless you prioritise time for your health, nothing will change.

Woman enjoying her meal mindfully

Here is a taste of what we will cover in the

Foundations course

Take a close look at what it could mean for your eating habits, health and sanity

  • Decrease your worry and stress about eating, by learning short mindfulness practices. Element
  • You need more time and energy to focus on your health? Discover the simple practice that I use and so do all of my clients to relax and replenish.
  • Learn the Eating for You approach to eating so you can change the way that you eat with patience and kindness.
  • Use my straightforward tools to connect with you eating habits in a compassionate and constructive way.El
  • Discover the eating habits that hold you back, and how they can be transformed.El
  • Understand how pausing actually creates more time in your day and makes it easier to change when, what, and how you eat.El
  • Use the Eating for You planning tools to create space in your day and week for taking care of you.l
  • Connect with the origins of your eating habits so you can re-evaluate their worth to you today.l
  • Learn how to observe your habits without judgement of yourself and others, so you can enjoy food and eating.
  • Complete the Eating for You Patterns of Eating Quiz to understand how your patterns of eating relate to the choices that you make.
  • Learn the 9 Drivers for Eating and why willpower doesn't work. Good intentions are not strong enough to overcome your Drivers for Eating.El
  • Identify the Drivers that you would like to change and start transforming the first one.El
  • Learn mindful eating practices that will increase your enjoyment of food, or as my clients often say, "Make eating an experience."El
  • Discover which aspects of eating—choosing, preparing and eating food—support your health and wellbeing.El
  • Understand why your favourite foods, are your favourites. And check whether these reasons align with your eating for health goal.El
  • Use the six different mindful eating journals to explore different eating habits, and identify how you can improve your way of eating.
  • Establish a daily mindful eating ritual that allows you to build your confidence in choosing food and enjoying it.El
  • Connect with your experience of physical hunger, satiety and fullness to build confidence in choosing an amount of food to suit your level of hunger.El
  • Apply the Eating for You appetite scale to assess your appetite in a more consistent way.El
  • Practice tuning into appetite so you can determine whether your drive to eat is related to physical hunger or something else.El
  • Use one of my most popular tools to pause before you eat and assess whether eating is the best choice for you now.El
  • Learn which foods and lifestyle choices best support a natural hunger-satiey cycle so your hunger and satiety signals become more reliable and predictable.El
  • Establish a mindful eating practice that tunes into your hunger-satiety signals and supports you in choosing foods (and amounts) that satisfy physical hunger.El
  • Use my simple non-judgemental tools to identify your triggers (internal beliefs and feelings, people or situations) for negative eating habits, so you can learn how to counteract these.El
  • Access my 101 things to do instead of eating when you really aren't hungry but feel like eating.El
  • Use my simple checklist to help you overcome your barriers to changing eating habits that hold you back from enjoying food and health.El
  • The bonus Quick Reset Guidebook is there at any time for you to use should you experience a setback in your mindful eating practice or old habits return. This way you can refocus and get back on track by the next meal or snack.El

Bonus #1: Live and Recorded Catch Up Calls

To get the most out of your six weeks you have the option (highly recommended) to attend or submit questions weekly to the group calls.

You will receive my answers to your questions via the call. Participating in the call live or submitting a question helps to keep you focussed and motivated.

Bonus #2: Know Your Appetite Module

One of the favourite modules of all time, this connects you with your appetite (hunger and non-hunger signals).

It comes with popular resources to help you change the way that you make decisions to eat or do something else instead.

Bonus #3: Quick Reset Guidebook and Lesson

With the best of intentions, planning and showing up to the course, life happens. 

The guidebook offers 10 practical ways to refocus and pick up momentum when you have a setback or old habits return.

Bonus #4: Three Months Membership 

I know that it can take, on average, 90 days to change a habit. And this is why I am including three months free access to our Mindful Eating and Living Membership Program.

This includes monthly mindfulness projects and weekly catch up calls...

giving you additional valuable time to make mindful eating, your new way of eating.

Plus you will be invited to participate in our Eating for You Community  private Facebook group for 6 months...

...for ongoing support from me and others who are on the same journey as you.

So, now I have outlined everything

And that is just a taste of what is covered in the Foundations course.

If you are still reading this, then it means that you must be very interested in finding out more and taking the next step ...

...in securing one of the 20 places that I am making available.

And some places have already been reserved...

Meaning that there is already less than 20 spots.

You are seeing this personal message because you are a valued member of the Eating for You community

Because of that you are getting the first opportunity to secure your place...

Before I open this offer up to my wider community.

Once I do that, I don't expect these places to last long...

Considering this is the first time I have offered online training with my personal support...

I am not sure how long the places will last!

This course is for you

If you:

  • Have a good intention to change, but the willpower is running out. Element
  • Don't know where to start but are ready to change your habits.
  • Ready to overcome stress and emotional eating.El
  • Want to say goodbye to mindless or boredom snacking.El
  • Know what to eat, but are not eating it.El

And One more thing...

The Foundations course is all about building confidence to eat in a way that really suits your health and lifestyle.

It is not about following a set of someone else's rules and feeling like a failure if you can't.

When an eating choice doesn't go to plan, it is about asking, "What did I learn?" and "What can I do differently next time?"

It is tuning into your mind and body and nurturing the choices that support your health and wellbeing...

...so you can have more energy, more freedom and enjoy food.

My Guarantee

In order to receive the full benefit of the Course, you need to have completed all of the training videos, activities and exercises during the 6 weeks that course runs.

However, you may apply for a refund at any time between when you purchased the Course and up to 14 days after purchase. 

So you might be wondering...

What is my investment for the Foundations Mindful Eating Course, including the bonus module, bonus lesson and six weeks of live and recorded group online catch up calls?

I am not going to pretend that this is cheap, and unfortunately, even with the heavily discounted launch price it is not going to be affordable to everyone.

It isn't...

...nor is it right for every member of our community.

But if you have read to this point, then chances are you know yourself that this course is what you have been waiting for...

...and what you health and sanity needs right now.

In choosing a launch package, I wanted to make the decision as easy as possible...

...so that is why your investment is under $500.

I am offering a special launch price of $497 until the 20 places are sold out.

You also have the option of a two payment plan for $547.

This is truly is a limited offer and places will go

So, if you are serious about changing your eating habits, claim your spot before they sell out.

Thanks for reading through this personal message that I wrote for you and I look forward to you joining us in the Foundations course.

With health and happiness

Sallyanne x

PS Just in case it you are like me and scroll straight to the bottom of the page, here is what I said in far less words!

I am offering a six week online course, Foundations Mindful Eating.

This is the first time I have offered the course with group, online face to face live calls, meaning you can have me personally answer your questions.

Because of this it is a rare and limited opportunity for no more than 20 women.

During the six weeks you will learn how to create space in your mind and day to connect with, observe and transform your eating habit with patience and kindness.


Because, when put into place, these 5 Eating for You practices transform your eating habits.

The course provides you with the foundations to adopt a new way of eating with confidence, one habit at a time.

You will embrace the practice of mindful eating to change your eating habits

Rather than continue with an approach that doesn’t work—willpower, and diets.

The key is focussing on habits rather than food.

Mindfulness is central to the Eating for You approach as it puts you in the driver’s seat of your eating and lifestyle choices.

It takes the worry, uncertainty, stress and guilt out of eating,

Replacing it with self-compassion, patience and a new enjoyment of food.

It also means that you will have more time and energy to live life.


This course does not provide you with a "done for you" eating and lifestyle plan, it requires your input, time and courage

Rather I work with you...

...to support you in creating a way of eating that suits you.

During the course you gain lifetime access to all of the following:

  • Educational videos Element
  • Downloadable journals and workbooks
  • Action sheetsEl
  • ChecklistsEl
  • Reflection exercisesEl
  • Mindfulness practicesEl
  • Practical tipsl
  • Video recordings of the live catch up callsl

The launch price will be ending soon and there are only 20 spots available.

Some spots have already been reserved, so the remaining ones will go.

You are seeing this personal message because you are a valued member of the Eating for You community.

Because of this, you are getting the first opportunity to join us in the Foundations Mindful Eating Course.

Before I open it up to my wider community.

I wanted your decision to join us to be as easy as possible, so this is why I took great care to create this package for you.

Time is valuable, so the lessons are designed to transform your eating habits in 15 to 20 minutes a day.

I am 100% confident that you will see the value in the course, the bonuses and live catch up calls (or recordings).

However for whatever reason you don’t,

I offer a 14 day Workbook Refund.

I understand that the course is not affordable for everyone

It isn’t...

… nor is it the right course for everyone in the Eating for You community

But if you have read to this point…

Chances are you know yourself that this course is what you have been waiting for.

And what your eating, health and sanity need right now.

The investment to join us in the Foundations Course is under $500.

I'm offering the Course, including the Bonus Know Your Appetite module, Bonus Quick Reset Guidebook and live online group catch up calls at a the heavily reduced price of $497. Or you have the option of a two payment plan for $547.


Victoria, Australia 

This Course provided me with such great momentum. It proceeds in a logical order, and I was pleased it touched on things I already new, but had forgotten to do. I also learnt new things about my eating habits. But the best thing is that the Course encourages you to put mindful eating into practice, so it become part of your day. It is really practical and well-paced.


Victoria, Australia 

I use the mindful eating questions before I eat. These together with the mindfulness practices have helped me tune into what I need to eat. In the 5 to 10 minutes it takes to complete the mindfulness practices I feel calm and less stressed. I am starting to discover which foods nourish me—making me feel lighter and energised. 


NSW, Australia 

I found the eating drivers to be a revelation. Before the course I was not aware of the things that were impacting on my eating habits, including food rules, for example, eating everything on my plate no matter how hungry I am. Listening to my hunger level is the most important thing for me now. When I find myself saying "I might go and eat something", I now check in with hunger level first. 

Improve your eating today...