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Getting Off The Dieting Rollercoaster With The Foundations Of Mindful Eating

The Foundations Mindful Eating Program is an 8 week online small group coaching program that is designed to show you how to change eating habits for good so you can enjoy lasting results for your weight and health.

Find out if our program is right for you.

The daily rollercoaster ride

Why dieting doesn’t work for you

This false belief has been fueled by the diet industry and has led you to believe that you have to be on a diet or follow a meal plan to enjoy good health.

However, it has led to poor self-esteem, yo-yo dieting and weight gain, and non-hunger eating habits.

Join our 8-week program so you can kick dieting and sustain healthier eating for good, with expert guidance and community support.

The Right Tribe brings lasting results

Research studies show that being part of a community that is committed to the same health and fitness goals as yours is essential for long-term success.

You need to be in a tribe that knows that restrictive diets do not produce lasting results and will help you remove your dieting programming so you can install a healthier way of eating that you can maintain.

The Eating for You Foundations community will provide support, motivation, and encouragement to help you reach your desired outcomes. As you will help others too.

In our program you also have the support of expert guidance and lifetime access to tried and tested resources.

Find out if our program is right for you.

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The four ways dieting works against you


Hormones and neurotransmitters go out of whack when you override your natural hunger and satiety signals. And dieting can reduce your metabolic rate, making it harder to keep the weight off.


Going on and off diets makes you feel like a failure and you cannot achieve lasting results with this mindset. Eating food for pleasure, comfort, and reward can become habits that you cannot change with a diet.


Feeling confused or overwhelmed about what, when, and how much to eat.

This comes from all of the nutrition and food rules that you have learned over your lifetime.


You grow up with food rules and then dieting takes over. Dieting has become part of our culture, and this is why you need support and this is why you need support from an expert, so you can enjoy a lasting solution for your health.

And the negative side effects don’t stop there.

These are just some of the problems with diets.

Are diets ruining your life?

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Find out the true cause of your inability to sustain a healthier way of eating.

In the online program I help you reverse a lifetime of dieting and create sustainable eating habits so that you can maintain your health and happiness.

In this program you will learn how to:

Avoid Overwhelm

Change one habit at a time to establish a lifelong and healthier way of eating.

Have Effort Rewarded

Connect with your when, what, why, and how of eating so you can focus on the right thing to change and have your efforts rewarded.

Use Personalised Strategies

Observe your reasons (drivers) for eating, so you can apply the best strategies to transform your habits for good.

Listen to Hunger

Tune into and trust your hunger signals so you can better match portion sizes with hunger levels.

Nourish Without Food

Acknowledge your non-hunger eating habits and find alternative choices for eating when you are not hungry.

Support Yourself

Cultivate self-compassion so you can become your #1 supporter to maintain your new way of eating.

Reduce Stress

Learn practises that allow you to reduce stress related to your food choices.

You have dieted because you are committed to your health and happiness. But dieting just doesn’t work longer term. Don’t wait until a health crisis shocks you into trying something new. Join our 8-week program and learn how to nourish yourself with food without imposing generalised or rigid rules.

Foundations Mindful
Eating Program

8-week online small group coaching program

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  • 45 Educational Videos
  • 6 Mindfulness practices
  • 16 Fillable or Downloadable Resources
  • 8 small group online live and recorded coaching calls
  • One, 30 minute individual planning call
  • Bonus: Reset Guide and Self Care Project
  • My personal promise is for you to have results

Find out if our program is right for you.

My personal promise to you

The outcome of the program is to change your eating habits for better health so you can have long-term results.

If you have not achieved at least one change to your eating habits during the course of the program, I will work with you for an additional 30 days to achieve results.

Your teacher, Sallyanne Pisk

Sallyanne’s unique and mindful Eating for You® approach to eating considers the biology, psychology, dietology, and sociology of food and health.

Sallyanne is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and mindfulness practitioner. She earned her research master's degree in type 2 diabetes at Wollongong University. She combines this knowledge with over 30 years of experience working in different fields of nutrition and health.


Elaine H

This is not a fad diet.

Awareness is the key theme of Eating for You. It isn’t a ‘fad diet’, but rather it provides an empowering approach to giving us the keys to understanding more about food and why it so profoundly influences our well-being. Eating for You provides a modern and balanced approach to creating a healthy relationship with food. Sallyanne encourages us to re-examine all of the reasons for ‘why’ and ‘how’ we eat.

Samantha C

I changed my habits.

Sallyanne’s tools enabled me to recognise eating patterns I never realised I had. By understanding the patterns I was engaging in, she provided me with the actions to start re-setting my healthy eating pattern zones at a pace I could handle and build permanent, healthy change with.

Francoise M

Eating became natural.

The Eating for You approach has helped me relax around food. Before completing the course, I didn't realise that I was so restrained with my eating and that I had an all or nothing attitude towards eating. I have become more aware of the reasons why I eat and can choose to eat or not depending on whether I am hungry. I am no longer worried about my body weight, as I know it will sort itself out.

Sandy M

I have put my health first.

As women, we are very good at doing everything for everyone else but not ourselves. I realized I had to say “no” to certain requests so I made time for my health. I learned this from Sallyanne. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start. The course is simple to follow, just one step at a time.

Beth O

The course is easy to do.

This Course provided me with such great momentum. It proceeds in a logical order, and I was pleased it touched on things I already knew but had forgotten to do. I also learned new things about my eating habits. But the best thing is that the Course encourages you to put mindful eating into practise, so it becomes part of your day. It is really practical and well-paced.


I stopped nighttime snacking.

As soon as I began the program and practising mindful eating, I realised that I was eating in the evenings when I wasn’t hungry. I have changed the time of meals to suit my body clock and I no longer look for food in the evenings.

Mary D

I listen to my hunger level.

I found the eating drivers to be a revelation. Before the course, I was not aware of the things that were impacting my eating habits, including food rules such as eating everything on my plate no matter how hungry I am. Listening to my hunger level is the most important thing for me now. When I find myself saying "I might go and eat something", I now check in with my hunger level first.

Angela B

I stopped pre-emptive eating.

I never realised that I was a pre-emptive eater. I had been eating because I didn’t want to get hungry. Once I knew this, Sallyanne helped me put mindful eating strategies in place. It was such a relief to get to the bottom of my eating habits and stop non-hunger eating.

Nicky L

You don’t need extra time.

I have always tried to hold-off working on improving my health, well-being and lifestyle until I have more time on my hands. Now I realise that it doesn’t matter where I am in life; the mindfulness that Sallyanne teaches in her course can be practised and implemented regardless of how busy the outside circumstances are around me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is for women who are committed to their health but struggle with maintaining diets and exercise programs.

They want a lasting solution for their health and weight without a diet or watching their weight on the scales.

It is for women who know what healthy food is but cannot maintain a healthier way of eating long-term. They wonder why others seem to have their eating sorted, but they haven’t yet.

Sallyanne applies the Eating for You approach, looking at the biological, psychological, dietological, and sociological drivers or reasons for eating.

Once we know what the real causes of your eating habits are, you can apply the best solution with kindness and patience.

The program looks at eating mindset as well as offering practical ways to change your eating habits for good, and this is what will deliver the benefits for your health.

What do I do about my fear of failing?

This is a common fear, and this program has helped many ladies move through it and experience success.

If you have spent years or decades dieting, I understand that you are programmed to fail, and I am sorry that you have experienced this, as it is a horrible place to be.

In the program we help you set very clear and achievable targets that have nothing to do with your weight. This program is very different from a diet.

By reaching and maintaining your personal targets, you will gain trust in yourself and your ability to change.

We will support you in transforming limiting and false beliefs, such as a fear of failure, so you can get your mind on your side.

How do I login and access the program?

Once we have received your payment, we will email you your login details.

How does the program work?

Once you receive your login details, you are ready to start.

We will email all the instructions you require and recommend that you view the orientation video that is included with your log in details.

We are also available to help you get started.

How do I gain coaching support?

Sallyanne facilitates the coaching calls using Zoom on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Sydney time. There is also a day time call if you cannot make the evening call.

These calls are conducted live, and they are recorded.

You may submit your question prior to the call if you are unable to attend, and Sallyanne will answer your question on the call.

You will also have the opportunity to clarify Sallyanne’s response via email.

In addition to the coaching call, there is a weekly email to review your progress, ask Sallyanne a question and set your goal (small step) for the coming week.

Can I access the program on my phone, tablet, and computer?

You are able to access the online program resources on your smart phone, tablet, and computer.

Do you need to have experience using online programs to participate in our program?

No. We have supported ladies who have never used computers before to complete the program.

You do need access to the Internet, though.

Some ladies who have completed our program have used free Internet and computer services at their local library or community centre.

Can I share my program log-in details with others?

No, our program memberships are designed for one participant. If a friend has joined you for our “two for one” offer, they will be provided with their own log-in details.

Can I gift this program to a friend or family member?

Of course, you can gift this program to one or two friends during the “two for one” promotion.

Just make sure you enter one of your friend’s email addresses on the sign-up page.

Also leave a note in the friend’s Name and email address to advise us of the second person’s full name and email address, so we can get them set up with their own login details.

Is there anything else that I need to do or buy once I’m enrolled?

Once you have signed up, there is nothing else you need to do.

The program comes with journals and activity sheets, and it is recommended that you complete these as you view the training videos.

The journals and activity sheets can either be downloaded and printed or completed on your tablet or computer.

Some ladies have used the printers at their local library, which has been convenient for them.

Does the program provide food and nutrition guidance?

The program is focused on changing eating habits and includes nutrition information to help you achieve this.

Unlike a diet or weight loss program it does not provide a set meal plan. Sallyanne will guide you in setting up an eating routine that suits you.

Sallyanne also answers food and nutrition questions on the coaching calls and via Your Weekly Review email.

How much time is required to complete the program?

On average, the daily time commitment is 20 minutes, plus the weekly coaching call, which runs for 60 to 90 minutes.

Who do I contact if I have any issues with the online resources?

You may access live support Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sydney time. Outside of these hours, we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

How long will I have access to the online resources?

You have lifelong access to the online resources.

Can I do this program if I live outside of Australia?

Yes, you can! This program is available worldwide.

Do you offer pensioner discounts?

We aim to make our programs as accessible to as many ladies as possible. We do offer a pensioner discount and payment plan.
Please email for more details.

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