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  • Understand the 7 most common emotional eating triggers and why they exist.
  • Learn how emotional eating habits are related to your beliefs about food, yourself and your ability to change.
  • Put your intention to change your emotional eating habit into action, by choosing one thing to get started on today.

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NSW, Australia 

The Eating for You approach has helped me relax around food. Before completing the course I didn't realise that I was so restrained with my eating, and that I had an all or nothing attitude to eating. I have become more aware of the reasons why I eat, and can choose to eat or not depending on whether I am hungry. I am no longer worried about my body weight, as I know it will sort itself out.


Sydney, Australia 

Sallyanne’s tools enabled me to recognise eating patterns I never realised I had.  By understanding the patterns I was engaging, she provided me the actions to start re-setting my healthy eating pattern zones at a pace I could handle and build permanent, healthy change with.


Colorado, USA

Awareness is the key theme of Eating for You. It isn’t a ‘fad diet’, but rather it provides an empowering approach to giving us the keys to understanding more about food and why it so profoundly influences our well-being. Eating for You provides a modern and balanced approach to creating a healthy relationship to food. Sallyanne encourages us to re-examine all of the reasons of ‘why’ and ‘how’ we eat.

Transform Your Emotional Eating Habits

Our 'Emotional Eating Triggers Checklist' is based on Sallyanne Pisk's 28 years of experience, as a healthcare practitioner, researcher, coach and teacher, helping others transform the way they eat.

It is ideal if you are wanting to improve your relationship with food, control overeating and enjoy food.

It is focussed on making changes that last.