Mindful Eating Introductory Online Course


Mindful Eating Introductory Online Course

Confused about healthy eating?

Feeling tired, bloated or unhappy with your weight or health?

Maybe you just want to enjoy food without any guilt?

You are not alone.

We are continually bombarded with new nutrition and health research, and there is a diet for everything.

Mindful eating allows you to choose what is best for your mind and body at any given time.

Please read the detailed information below, including the terms and conditions, before purchasing the course.


Mindful Eating Introductory Online Course

Who the course is for

This course is ideal if you are wanting to improve your eating habits and health—including digestion, body weight, and general wellbeing.

Connect with your reasons for eating (appetite, emotions, boredom) and improve your food choices:

  1. Simplify your way of eating,
  2. Reduce your stress about what to eat,
  3. Improve your confidence in selecting how much to eat.

What the course includes

This five  video session online course provides an introduction to the Eating for You approach outlining the importance of:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Knowing your food
  • Knowing how to introduce and live with change

You will gain a new appreciation for why you eat the way you do. You will also come away with practical mindful eating practices that can be integrated into your day.

The course includes:

  • Five video sessions, with activities, taking around 1.5 hours to complete
  • Four downloadable resources
  • Membership to the Eating for You Community Facebook Private Group—a safe space to ask questions and to share your mindful eating journey
  • Free national postage for the Eating for You book

The course is ideally completed in one time block or over two to three consecutive days. I recommend that you choose a quiet seated location with no or minimal distractions. You will require your own snack size serving of food for one activity in session 4.

This online course is similar to the Introduction to Mindful Eating Workshop, but you receive lifetime access to the video sessions. There is also a downloadable document covering the most frequently asked questions about mindful eating.

If you have questions, please email Sallyanne.

Terms and Conditions

1) Refunds

Refunds are not offered on this course.

2) Who the course is not suitable for

  1. If you are in the early stages of recovery from an eating disorder, such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa. Individual consults with your healthcare practitioners are the best support.
  2. If you have recently had bariatric surgery. Please inquire for further information here
  3. For healthcare practitioners. The course is designed for members of the community. The course is not designed as a train the trainer program. If you are a healthcare practitioner and would like further information about mindfulness and mindful eating, please inquire here

3) The course is for education only

This workshop is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare practitioners. For personalised dietary and health advice please consult your healthcare practitioners.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

2 reviews for Mindful Eating Introductory Online Course

  1. Christine

    Thank you, Sallyanne, for your encouraging and inspiring course. I have maintained weight loss for a while but got a bit back into bad habits and a few kilograms have slowly slid back on. Going through the sessions on your online course has given me a nudge and a reminder about the benefits of eating more mindfully to my wellbeing. It is a powerful message that you share.

    The sessions flowed well and weren’t overwhelming in content or length, they were just right. The photos are beautiful, inspiring and complement the content. I loved the chocolate story, can so relate to that! I enjoyed the food observation and mindful eating activities too. They have helped me to slow down my pace of eating so I truly savour all of the flavours of my food. The course is inspiring and also a peaceful experience, rather like that lovely state you feel after a yoga class.

  2. Stacey

    Thanks Sallyanne, I really enjoyed the online course.

    I particularly liked the suggestion of rating your hunger. It really makes you understand what emotion is linked to your desire to eat. I found this a very interesting exercise.
    I’m quite a rigid eater so I also liked learning how to listen to what my body feels like eating.

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