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Eating Habits Profile 

I invite you to create a personalised action plan with me to transform your eating habits.

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Discover The Eating For You Approach

Changing your eating habits can be difficult. Research explains that we make over 200 decisions about eating and drinking everyday, but might only remember 15 or so.

This is why Eating for You has created the Changing Eating Habits Practice to help you to connect with and your habits and support mindful and lasting change.

In the Eating Habit Profile call, together, you and I will create

a personalised action plan based on this practice.

We will discuss your biggest barrier to change and what you want to achieve for your health, so your plan helps you to move from where you are today, to where you want to be.

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Based in the Eastern practice of mindfulness, The Eating For You Approach, shifts your focus to what helps you to transform your eating habits.

food or habits?

One of the biggest barriers to changing the way that you eat is focussing on the wrong thing, food!

Food choices are important, but in the Eating Habit Profile you will learn why habits are key.

cultivate compassion 

Restrictive diets have encouraged us to be critical and judgemental of ourselves and food.

It is possible

to change your eating habits in a kind and compassionate way.

inner guidance

Following diets and other people's rules has reduced our trust in knowing our own mind and body.

Learn how mindful eating can increase your confidence in yourself and your food choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Eating Habits Profile consult?

The consult is booked for 45 minutes, but usually takes 30 minutes.

How is the consult conducted?

The consult will be conducted via a Zoom or telephone call. Please let us know your preference.

What happens if I need to change my consult time?

Please email prior to your consult, with as much notice as possible, and a new appointment will be arranged.

What will I get out of the consult?

The consult will outline the key steps required for changing eating habits. And together, we will create an action plan to get started with a new way of eating.

Are there any hidden costs?

The Eating Habits Profile consult is free. In the consult you may choose to purchase a book or course.

Why do you offer the Eating Habit Profile for free?

I appreciate that you have probably tried many diets and programs and worn out

your willpower trying to change your eating habits. So, I want you to see that the

Eating for You approach works and that it suits you before you buy anything from



Victoria, Australia 

I so much appreciate Sallyanne's saying, "Be kind and patient with yourself." This keeps me motivated whilst I practice eating mindfully. I have a pretty good understanding of healthy eating from other programs, but my knowledge about food alone wasn't enough to change my eating habits. I am now more aware of non-hunger eating and I choose other things to do instead of eat.


NSW, Australia 

I am much more aware of my appetite and hunger drivers. I can actually finish eating my meal when half of it is still on the plate. I put the food into the refrigerator and eat it the next day. I would never have done that before. I would have eaten all of my meal and felt full.


Victoria, Australia 

The Eating for You approach is unique. I have completed a lot of other courses on nutrition and exercise but none of them have helped me connect with my reasons for eating. Eating for You has given me practical things to do to reduce my stress and emotional eating.

Improve your way of eating today...