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Osteoarthritis – can whole foods help?

Osteoarthritis is the fastest growing cause of disability worldwide. It is a condition affecting the whole joint.

It most commonly occurs in the hip and knees but can also affect the spine, hands and big toe. Cartilage breaks down and inflammation in the joint can lead to pain, discomfort and reduced quality of life.

My post on nutritional support for osteoarthritis focuses on whole foods, not supplements. Can nutrients and phytonutrients from whole foods help?

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3 Perimenopausal Challenges to Overcome

“What is happening to my mind and body?” This is a question that I found myself asking when I first noticed perimenopausal symptoms.

It was like the “how to do guide” that I had developed over the past 47 years was no longer of any use. My body was changing and my mind was working differently too.

I decided to view these changes as challenges that could be overcome, just like reaching a mountain pass in Nepal.Sallyanne hanging prayer flags on the seventh pass on the Dolpo trek, Toze La

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Perimenopause has 3 gifts on offer

The experience of perimenopause varies as women are all different. In this post, I share what has worked for me, as well as research on the topic. The gifts of menopause offer a pathway for you to follow.

At an annual check-up with my GP, he was intrigued when I told him “menopause is an interesting journey”. He immediately asked, “How is this?” And then asked whether I ever felt angry, depressed or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, he mostly hears the stories of women experiencing severe symptoms of menopause, which are thought to affect about 20% of women. I will outline the challenges of perimenopause in part 2 of this series.

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