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Nine ways to boost your energy in one day

Perhaps you are coming to the close of a busy week. May be you have been ‘burning the candle at both ends’ for a while. Or you may just need some time out. My suggestions are simple and need not cost you anything. If you truly want a day to recharge, then let your friends and family know that you are going off line for the day.

Sunset over the Blue Mountains

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Body Weight—The Mind-Body Connection

Part 2 of Take Your Weight Off Your Mind explores the mind-body connection. I refer to one of the questions from last week’s post to explore how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can then influence what we choose to do. I also return to the importance of our gut health in supporting our wellbeing.

Woman holding a red apple in her hands

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Take Your Weight Off Your Mind

As I have celebrated in earlier posts, we are all unique. We are not meant to look the same regardless of what the current fashion or fitness trends promote.

I embrace the Ayurveda approach to help our understanding of body and mind.

It offers an alternative explanation as to why some people are unhealthy and unhappy when they appear underweight, whilst others have this experience when they are a healthy weight or carrying extra weight.

It also explains why diets don’t work.

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Singapore Mindfulness Talk

This week I am sharing some highlights from my Singapore mindfulness talk. The talk was hosted, on 17 July, by Mahsuka Singapore Buddhist Centre and was well attended by friends of the centre and monks from Serang Monastery, Nepal. The talk, which was translated into Tibetan by Nuptul Rinpoche, explored how Western Science and Eastern wisdom can work together. Mindfulness is central to making choices that best suit your current requirements.

Sallyanne Pisk speaking at Singapore Mindfulness Talk

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