Sallyanne is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist, author and speaker. She is well qualified to present and answer questions on lifestyle and eating habits related to health and wellbeing. Having extensive experience in health management and mentoring she is highly skilled in helping others introduce, live with and thrive on change. Sallyanne has integrated her knowledge and experience into all Eating for You events and services.

Sallyanne Pisk Nutritionist Author Speaker

“Develop clarity and confidence to make the best eating and lifestyle choices for you.”

Spring and Summer Classes

Sallyanne will be offering classes and workshops in Katoomba from November 2017.

She will be available on a Thursday and some Saturdays. Dates and times are yet to be confirmed (but coming soon).

Interested, but don’t live in the local area? Don’t worry, these classes will be available as audio recordings too.

If you are interested in the upcoming classes, please submit your expression of interest, as the classes will be limited to 10 participants.


Creating Mindful Moments Class (1 hour)

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, lack focus or crave for some space in your head?

Creating mindful moments takes the practice of a mindfulness meditation into everyday tasks. I developed this class as many people were saying, “I have a morning meditation and then by 10am I am feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or ungrounded.”

Each week we will cover practical ways to bring mindfulness into everything that we do. This is what I call, pauses. We will cover mindful breathing and visualisation practices, as well as techniques to bring our full attention and clarity to everyday tasks, such as taking a shower, washing the dishes and managing our work tasks.

Most importantly we will explore the benefits of mindfulness, such as being in the present, observing our thoughts and actions without judgement or criticism of ourselves or others. In other words, we will become kinder to ourselves.

These weekly classes will also cover specific issues experienced by class members. They will be as relevant to your needs as possible.

Bookings are required, as numbers are limited to 10.


Introduction to Mindful Eating Workshop (1.5 hours)

Confused about healthy eating?

Feeling tired, bloated or unhappy with your weight or health?

You are not alone.

We are continually bombarded with new nutrition and health research, and there is a diet for everything. This is why the Eating for You approach draws on both western science and the eastern practice of mindfulness.

Mindful eating allows you to choose what is best for your mind and body at any given time.

This one session workshop provides an introduction to the Eating for You approach outlining the importance of:

  1. Knowing yourself
  2. Knowing your food
  3. Knowing how to introduce and live with change

You will gain a new appreciation of why you eat the way you do. You will also come away with practical mindful eating practices that can be integrated into your day.

Bookings are required, as numbers are limited to 10.


Health and lifestyle coaching

Sallyanne is available for online health and lifestyle coaching consults and programs. She is currently offering one-on-one coaching, specialising in the development of mindful eating and living choices. Her consults and programs focus on your personal nutrition and health goals. Sallyanne’s approach helps you to develop the clarity and confidence required to make the best eating and lifestyle choices for you.


Speaking engagements

Sallyanne is an experienced public speaker for delivering key note addresses and facilitating seminars and workshops. Sallyanne is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience on the subject of enjoying health and happiness through mindful eating and living. She is available to present to small or large groups.

Inquire Now


Sallyanne is available for interviews. She has experience in radio and print media.


Blue Mountains Food Co-operative

Sallyanne is available at the co-op the first Wednesday of each month, 11am to 1pm, to answer food and nutrition questions.