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Don’t Waste it, Compost it

It might surprise you to learn that food waste and garden clippings contribute to global warming. When they end up in landfill they produce methane gas, which is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. One council survey showed that around 33% of our household waste is food, including peelings, and 10% is vegetation from the garden. Turning waste into compost is a win-win solution. Composting benefits our air and soil, which means it is also good for us too.

Empty garden pots in piles on a rustic outdoor chair

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How to eat without added sugar

Today I am sharing my experiences from my week without added sugar. As mentioned in my earlier post, I wasn’t expecting the week to be too difficult. Even though I usually choose foods and drinks without added sugar, I learned a few things about food and myself. These revelations might help you too.

Basket of fruit and vegetables

Image credit: Leonie Wise, Unsplash Photos

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A week of no added sugar

I have resisted the temptation to quit sugar until now. Curiosity now has the better of me. I have heard countless reports of how good people feel when they don’t eat sugar. I am well aware though, that my usual intake of added sugar is far less than the Australian average. Still, I am interested to see if I have any challenges during the week, and whether I feel any different for giving up my six or so teaspoons of added sugar a day. I am starting my week of no added sugar in one week’s time, so you have time to join me. In fact, you can start it at any time.

Lemon cake topped with icing and blueberries

Image credit: Brina Blum, Unsplash Photos

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