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Perimenopause has 3 gifts on offer

The experience of perimenopause varies as women are all different. In this post, I share what has worked for me, as well as research on the topic. The gifts of menopause offer a pathway for you to follow.

At an annual check-up with my GP, he was intrigued when I told him “menopause is an interesting journey”. He immediately asked, “How is this?” And then asked whether I ever felt angry, depressed or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, he mostly hears the stories of women experiencing severe symptoms of menopause, which are thought to affect about 20% of women. I will outline the challenges of perimenopause in part 2 of this series.

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Health Benefits of Whole Grains: There are Many

It probably seems confusing that I am writing about the health benefits of whole grains when there has been so much coverage promoting grain-free and carb-free diets. Whole grains have been on the menu for at least ten thousand years, so why would we want to stop eating them?

As mentioned in part 1 of this series, I think the real confusion has come about due to our misunderstanding of the differences between whole and refined grains. In this article, I outline the health benefits of whole grains.

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7 Healthy Ways to Sign-Off Your Year

The end of a year is a popular time for reflection. And I encourage it. However, I believe it is important to have a balanced view of your year. By balance I mean taking time to recall everything that you are grateful for—challenges faced, support given and received and what you have learned. It is a shame to sign-off your year without acknowledging and celebrating all of these gifts.

This blog post requires you to do some written work too, so take out your journal or electronic device, and get ready to sign-off your year in style.

A collection of photos from Sallyanne's 2017 - family, food, trekking, Nepal, online program development and workshop space

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